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The Complete Guide to Becoming a Drone Pilot

Introduction: What is a Drone?

A drone is an unmanned aerial vehicle that is controlled remotely.

Drones are typically used for military and surveillance purposes, but they have many other applications as well. These include aerial photography, crop monitoring, and search and rescue missions.

What is the Future of Drones?

Drones have taken off in the last decade. They are now used for a variety of purposes from recreational to commercial. In the future, drones will continue to change and evolve as technology improves and new applications are created.

Drones are used for many different purposes, but they can be broken down into two categories: recreational and commercial. Recreational drones are mostly used by hobbyists who fly them for fun, while commercial drones can be broken into three different categories: aerial photography, mapping, and delivery services. Drones have been gaining in popularity over the last decade as technology has improved and new applications have been discovered for them. The future of drones will continue to grow with technological advancements that lead to more uses of the devices.

How to Become a Drone Pilot?

Becoming a drone pilot is not easy. If you want to become a drone pilot, you need to know about the training process and the steps you need to take. Read my guide on the best drones for 2022 here.

Step 1: Get your FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate

The FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate is a certification that allows you to fly Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS), also known as drones, commercially.

To get your FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot Certificate, you need to take a few steps. The first step is taking the UAS Knowledge Test and the second step is completing an online application.

The UAS Knowledge Test consists of 50 questions and you must score at least 80% on each question in order to pass the test. It will be delivered electronically and can be taken at any time of day or night, or on any day of the week. You’ll need a computer with internet access for this test.

The online application is much simpler than it sounds! It only requires basic information like name, email address

Step 2: Get your FAA Remote Pilot Certificate of Authorization (COA)

The FAA Remote Pilot Certificate of Authorization (COA) is required for all U.S. citizen pilots who fly a drone for any kind of commercial use. In order to get this certificate, you need to pass the FAA knowledge exam and meet certain age and citizenship requirements.

Step 3: Get your FAA Airman Certificate with an Instrument Rating

To get your FAA Airman Certificate with an Instrument Rating, you will have to pass two tests:

1) Oral exam: The examiner will ask you questions about aviation regulations and other topics related to flying.

2) Practical exam: You will be tested on how well you can handle the controls of an airplane or helicopter in various conditions.

Step 4: Find a job as a drone pilot

The first step in finding a job as a drone pilot is to see what qualifications are needed for the position. For example, an applicant may need to be at least 18 years old, have a driver’s license, and be able to work in the United States.

An applicant will also need to have knowledge of how drones work and experience with remote control helicopters or airplanes. Some employers prefer applicants who have flight training and experience with unmanned aircraft systems (UAS). Highest paying gigs will ask for experience with Part 107. To make money you will need it.

Some companies offer training programs where you can learn how to fly drones, while others teach on-the-job skills.

Step 5: Build a Social Media Following

If you haven’t already, as a content creator the best way to gain exposure is through building your social media following. Also, it’s fun building content for people! This includes Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. All the main channels.

How Much do Drone Pilots Make?

As per PayScale.com, a Drone Pilot makes on average $50,797 a year in the United States. Although, this may vary by region and job. The Average total pay is on a range of $38k-105k. So, clearly there is a lot of range here depending on the job, drones you use, data you capture, or the risk of the flight.

Conclusion: The Best Drone Training and Certification Programs out There

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