Who created dronesncameras.com?

My name is Gavin Batson and I am the owner of this website/content creator for the site. I started out doing content creation around COVID and learned a new skill during college, and I had no idea how much I would get into this… It all started with a Mavic Mini from DJI and then I have moved through many other things as well to make content. Being a drone pilot I really got to bring out the most creative side of my mind and it was so fun, then I also got into photography. Since that, I learned how to fly FPV drones and that was one of the hardest things I have ever tried not only learning it but knowing that I am risking my drone everytime it goes up. Such a wild experience but I loved it. I have since sold my FPV setup, although I would love to get into it again.

Now, I am dedicated to my day job and working this website in to drive a new income source for me as well as my other site subaru-camping.com. The ads on this site are run through Ezoic, and will always be run through Ezoic because of their ability to maximize my user experience and revenue all at the same time with their machine learning monetization tool. If you have any questions about them just shoot me an email.

Anyways, I hope you enjoy my website and the content that I am building up. If you want to see any of my new content please follow my youtube channel, instagram, and if you want to book me for anything also shoot me an email!! (: